This is the first photo challenge I’ve chosen to participate in, and I’m going to admit that the idea didn’t even appeal to me at all until recently. The idea is to take a photograph I’ve taken, delete it, then try to recount at least 12 hours later the details of this ghost photo.

I didn’t like this idea. If I took a picture worthy enough to write about, why wouldn’t I just post it? If the photo expresses something I want to express, it seems so wasteful to just send it into nonexistence with the click of a button and hope my words are enough to communicate what I want to communicate.

Then, when I was going through a bunch of photographs I had taken over the weekend, I found the perfect candidate for the ghost image challenge–it was a photograph of a couple at Fifth Quarter nightclub that I had taken without them realizing it. I know the two individuals, but not very well, and they didn’t know I took the photo. I’d feel a bit awkward posting this secret photo of them on my blog, because quite frankly it was a little strange of me to have taken this secret photo in the first place. But the image is too powerful, in my opinion, to go to waste, so perhaps a description of this ghost image is my best option!

The picture is of a young man and a young woman dancing together. The young woman has her arm around her partner’s neck, and is looking up at him with smiling eyes and an open grin. Her hair is dark and long.

The young man is so tall his face is partially cut from the photo. The only part of his expression you can make out is his wide grin. You can’t tell where he is looking, but one can assume at the young woman.

The pose I’ve caught them in doesn’t look like a particularly impressive display of dance. Her arm is around his neck, and his arms hang loosely and end at her waist, but their bodies are far apart and relaxed. It’s like they were pretending to dance, when really they just wanted to smile at each other.

I don’t remember any of the colors of the picture except for the woman’s dark hair. I don’t remember what they were wearing, or what the people around them looked like. The strongest piece of the image I can recall is this couple’s relaxed, comfortable feat of just being together, and I suppose that’s what led me to secretly snap a picture of them in the first place.

So although that picture may have been sent to the underworld of nonexistence, the relationship between these two individuals that existed at that one moment that I had found so fascinating with never be forgotten…

…unless of course I delete this blog once the class is through.
kidding, of course, kidding