I am absolutely enamored with Lady Gaga.

Perhaps you find it shallow, perhaps you think it insignificant, but her influence on pop culture is incredible, and doesn’t seem likely to die out anytime soon. While having a hit pop track is no big feat, Gaga has consistently been cranking out hits, staying in the limelight and the minds of the populace. Even people who don’t listen to her music know who she is. Her presence is seen in dimensions other than the music world. Fashion designers have been emulating her style and consumers are greedily buying leggings, leotards, and clothing too confusing to have a proper name. They say she’s inspired a culture of vanity and that she liberates the youth and encourages them to revel in the qualities they’ve been conditioned to suppress. She’s been the subject of controversy and suspicion, and people actually research her music and videos and accuse her of malintentions (One such article claims she is a member of the Illuminati http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=2737) She’s become a savior of the so-called “freaks” and an idol for their persecutors. In a modern sense of the world, Gaga is a god to her fans.

I’d just like to clarify that I don’t consider myself a follower of Gagadism by any means. I’m just observing and reporting and slightly exaggerating.

I found this picture on a celebrity gossip site I frequent and had to post it. The contrast between Lady Gaga and the statue on her piano excites my analytical mind to no end. The statue is of a godly figure, a womanly being sculpted in white. One would think this is supposed to represent Gaga in her position of power and godlike influence.

Except for the fact that the similarities between the statue and Gaga end there. The statue’s expression is calm and emotionless, while Gaga looks like she’s concentrating on her performance. Although Gaga is dressed in white like the statue, the populace tends to associate her name with behavior and actions that are much more soiled than that pristine white. The statue’s head and Gaga’s may at first appear to be at the same height, but then you realize that’s only because Gaga is wearing a hat.

But perhaps the most significant difference between Gaga and that statue is that the statue is naked, while Gaga is wrapped in bulky, ridiculous clothing and accessories. The statue sits unfazed by its nudity, untroubled by her bareness while you can hardly even make out Gaga’s face!

Gaga may be entertaining. Gaga may be interesting. But Gaga will never be the sort of goddess she aspires to become, and this picture stands as proof.

I apologize if the reader found this post boring, but I am a fervent believer that one can (and should) find stimulating materials in the most unassuming of places. Just imagine the levels at which one could analyze great works of literature if one is able to find intellectual stimulation in the most petty pleasure of pop culture.